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Tigre Installation

Many people have replaced the troublesome original equipment carburetor on the Tigre powered Jungmans with the Ellison Throttle Body Injector (TBI) and report substantially improved performance.

Most installations have been 150 horsepower Tigre engines which use the EFS-4 TBI. Because it is a different size and shape than the original carburetor, an adapter must be fabricated to allow mounting to the original manifold. Our customers report that the airflow characteristics of the air intake air box is such that the regulator of the TBI must point forward and a spacer must be fabricated to mount between the Throttle Body and the manifold.  Also, the Tigre fuel system must be configured to deliver the 2-6 psi which the TBI requires. Linkage operating the throttle and mixture also needs to be modified.

Photographs of two typical installations and a sketch showing TBI orientation are shown below.

Tigre engine and TBI orientation sketch

A typical installation looks like this, notice the spacer.

Typical Tigre installation

Typical Tigre installation closeup

Installation Requirements

See comments related to carburetor heat, vapor formationfuel filtration, and primer suggestions when planning a TBI installation on a Tigre engine.

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