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We have many customers that are flying with the Subaru E-81 engine. The EFS-2 Throttle Body Injector (TBI) has been found to have sufficient flow capacity for the 1800 cc engine up to 5000 RPM.  The EFS-2 should also have sufficient capacity for the 2200 cc engine up to 4000 RPM.  The 2200 cc engine running at higher RPM would require an EFS-3A for proper fuel metering.  In most installations a fuel pump is required for proper fuel delivery.  Also, the engine builder will need to design and fabricate an intake manifold for the engine.

The automobile or motorcycle carburetors frequently used with these engines either have no mixture control, or have a crude "add on" the mixture adjusting device requiring  constant mixture control adjustment whenever the throttle setting is changed.  The EFS-2 and EFS-3A incorporate an integral mixture control, assuring that changes in throttle setting do not significantly affect fuel air ratio.  Both of these TBI's utilize a diaphragm controlled regulator in place of a float bowl, allowing side draft, up or down draft orientations.

Installation Requirements

See comments related to carburetor heat, vapor formationfuel filtration, and primer suggestions when planning a TBI installation on a Subaru engine.

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